12-05-15 by dave

With the weather reporting clouds for today, it was a treat to see the clouds moving off and blue skies taking the stage for the day.  After the weak system moved through, it left colder temps. to start the day off, but warming was not far behind.  Both sides of the hill are open now with Gad 2 rounding out the options.  Machine work made the morning session more consistent after the high winds of yesterday.  Here is a shot of one of the snow guns turning out the product with ferocious volume. DSC00521 The resort has invested a lot in this system in recent years and has really been paying off in a big way during this early seasons kick off.  It will also pay dividends later in the season during the melt when those thin spots are holding the pack long after they would have melted off otherwise.  Thanks to the Snow Making Crew as well as the Cat Crew for keeping things smooth and fat.  Tomorrow, look for another nice day, with early Sun, though the weather dude is indicating some high clouds later in the day.  The Groomers will be the good to go for the morning session. Coverage remains good, however there are some spots on the Peruvian Gulch that you will want to keep an eye on.  I am looking forward to the the Lower Chips Face section, which is steep smooth and just what the doctor ordered for the training laps.  52CEA112-3E3A-4241-B497-F0A6BC37DEF8I took today off to rest up and now I am feeling much more relaxed.  Thanks for the shot Mr. Scott.   See you for the fun in the AM..  Stay Frosty!!

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