12-07-14 by dave

It was a beautiful morning with a clear sky and cool temps on the early Trams.  The Snow Guns on Regulator were putting down some very nice Gun Powder with a very nice feel on the right hand side of the slope.  I just had to dial in some deep carves to get more of that silky feel.  The pace was ground pounding fun for the entire morning session, and, as the Sun came up over the ridge, the fine detail became clear.  That feature made it easier to find those treads of smooth.  Nice.  The crowd was light, but, later in the day,  the traffic on the slope was quite a bit busier.  On the Peruvian side of the hill the low Sun angle kept that area a bit in the dark, however there were nice lines to find if you took the time to explore just a bit.  I did a couple of exploratory lines, and while it was important to be more precise in the turn placement, the chosen lines were fun and surprisingly well covered.  Tomorrow, look for a high cloud cover due to some incoming weather that will go up and over the High.  There should continue to be mild temps, though those first few Trams in the morning might still be a bit brisk.   There will be fun running on the fresh Groomers, and I will be looking further afield for some extra fun.  Here is a shot I took of one of the table tops on the Plaza.  It looks kind of out of place, but it is right there in front of you.  See you for the morning session.  IBBY!!DSC01005

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