12-08-14 by dave

It was a balmy morning, though there was a bit of a nip in the air for the first few Trams, and the Snow Guns were laying down a layer of buff on Regulator.  Those few turns in the Gun Powder was worth dialing in the depth of each turn.  With the Sun angle so low in the sky, the visibility on the Peruvian side of the hill was a bit flat.  I was working on my stamina training, so I was hitting the Gad side of the hill to keep the pace brisk.  I did not do anymore looking for the obscure, as I was having a blast on the smooth and consistent Grooming.   Here is a shot to the West down the Canyon ,with the big walls looking quite detailed the clear morning air.  DSC02326Continued mild temps will continue for the next couple of days, however, there is some talk of snow for the weekend.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  Tomorrow, look for light traffic and good lines on the Groomed runs.  The off trail is still interesting, but getting a bit more worked by the traffic that is visiting these lines.  The Grooming crew is doing a great job of keeping the trouble spots tended, and  there are only a couple of spots to watch.  Be aware of the uphill traffic overtaking, especially if you are working on turns or are changing fall lines.  There is a very adept contingent on the hill, so know they will be around and rockin’.   See you for the fast fun runs in the AM.  Peace Out!

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