3-31-13 by dave

It was a beautiful Sunny Sunday morning with a nip in the air, but I went for the sun glass and top down approach.  The overnight freeze was heavy and the front of the hill was really slick, while the Groomed sections of Mineral Basin were offering some granular tooth to get an edge in.  There was little traffic for the first hour, and the Baldy Express Chair had been tilled with low angle smooth to work while the front waited for warming.  The deep freeze was going to take until Noon to begin breaking on the front of the hill, and the corn effect began to happen around 1:00PM where the soft smooth feel was intoxicating.  The sticky sections did not crop up at all, even on the flat, which was a welcome feature that made the day last longer.  There were nice lines on the High North as they thawed slightly, as the marginal saturation of the pack kept these lines worth visiting after Noon.  Tomorrow, expect overcast skies and significantly colder temps, so any real thaw might be dubious, so go knowing that the day will be a challenge on all exposures.  Tenderizing efforts should be sought out to aid in the early morning runs, where the mat will be firm, and use your best averaging turns to smooth the angular momentum.  Traffic should be markedly lighter, so that will make the dance floor much more realistic with the absence of cross town traffic.  Here is a shot of Perfection just beyond the open area, which is inDSC01404 sharp contrast to the heavily worked sections just adjacent to it.  I know it is the same section I posted just the other day, but the beauty of this snow scape deserved a fresh shot.   I love the smooth and shaded texture.  See you in the AM!!   IBBY!!

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