3-30-13 by dave

It was a beautiful morning with bright Sun and warm temps. to get the spring break going.  The morning Groomers were firm, but tenderizing efforts gave the mat some tooth, but following the Sun was going to get the best results.  Mineral Basin was going off first, with consistent lines of machine worked product, and the front of the hill was firm on both sides.  The timing was similar to yesterday, however, it went off a bit earlier and moved to the sticky side as well on the lower mountain.  The cloud deck built up over the hill around Noon, shading the hill a bit, but the ambient temps were not slowed by the clouds.  The High North is getting more affected by the daily temps as we move forward and the dry chalky feel is going away, but the interference patterns remain marginal and are still resisting a further increase in amplitude.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be firm again in the AM with a similar timing on the break, and the off trail to be very rasty if you venture there before it softens.  I was watching some folks who were negotiating a South facing aspect in the full on frozen crust out in Mineral, and it just looked painful to watch them rattle and bounce over the GNAR!! DOH!!!  As we move into the Easter Holiday I want to reflect on the unstoppable push of Spring as we move to the last part of the season, and pay Homage to Mother Nature,DSC01400 who not only brings the Essence, but also the New Life bursting out around the Trailer.  Here is an image I took of one who wears and embodies this energy.  See you in the AM.   Stay Frosty!!

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