2-24-16 by dave

Another beautiful morning dawned with cold temps. a light breeze, and perfectly prepared carpets of Hydro Velvet.  Mineral Basin was calling with bright Sun,  and a freshly prepared White Diamonds that was just right to kick of the morning stoke.  High North aspects are still holding the cold smooth lines, but the most heavily visited lines are redeveloping the interference patterns in the guts.  Soft snow is still easy to find thanks to the continued colder temps. that have been preserving the quality.  Here is a shot of a very vibrant Sun Dog that was circling DSC03602the Sun.  This is a harbinger of things to come in the next few days as the weather begins to change once again.  On the front of the hill, great lines were once again buffed, with the Anderson’s Hill –  Lower Primrose Path offering the most amazing dry chalky quality top to bottom.  I love to be able to trust a full edge set without the least worry of a glassy spot to interrupt the high edge angle.  Here is a shot I took from the top of the Baldy Chair that shows how deluxe the back of the hill looks in the morning Sunshine.  DSC03599Tomorrow, look for another Sunshine bonanza, with cold opening temps., lots of great ultra buffed lines, and great skiing on all sides of the hill.  Still be on the watch for those due South aspects that still have not mellowed quite yet.  Lots of soft snow is still out on the fringes and is worth a bit of exploration.  Overall, the hill is still fairly smooth after that last wind event smoothed things out, but there is some low amplitude rumble rising up as traffic pushes out from the obvious lines.  I will be dressing for a cold morning, and I am glad I dressed up for today’s chill.   Dial it up and Dial it in!!!

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