2-25-16 by dave

For the first time of the season Pipeline and the Twins opened up for touring.  Pipeline has been looking Phat of late, and with all the new snow, it has been standing as a tantalizing wish.  Today the wishes were filled.  Here is a recent shot of that pitch a bit later in the day.  From the looks of the turns, it offered very nice conditions that seemed quite consistent top to bottom.  DSC03586On the hill, White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper were offering ground pounding fun top to bottom, as that marginal heat from the Sun has not yet penetrated into the pack, so the dry chalky feel was on point and ready for serious high edge angle turns.  Lewis and Clark was offering the goods as well, with vacant carpets of Hydro Velvet that were delightful.  Another surprise Grooming treatment was the long awaited preparation of Hoopie’s Crotch, or as on the Map,  Last Chance.  Here is a shot of Neil getting the goods on the first till of the season. DSC03604That is one line that lets you point them and go, go, go!!!   The day warmed up around noon, but the North aspects were still holding the cold and remained deep Winter dry and chalky.  Those due South faces still are problematic, so use discretion when heading there with any steam.  Tomorrow, look for another day of fun on the hill as all the usual great Buffed lines will be offering the goods.   The hill remains in great shape with only selected aspects that need to be considered for the Sun damage.  All other aspects are holding up well and will be good all day long.  See you for the morning fun, which I think may be a touch warmer than today.    See The Line, Be The Line!!

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