Sunny Morning

4-24-09 by dave

Friday morning looked like it was going to be a challenge when the sky was overcast and grim looking. Driving up the canyon revealed bright sun on the East faces of the high peaks promising a window before the storm moves in.  39 degrees at the parking lot meant that the front side would be quite crisp while the sun on Mineral Basin would give the best possibility of corn. A beautiful grooming job and a touch of sun made the corduroy so sweet that it reminded me of the back country tours I did this week, but with lift service.  I knocked out 6 fast laps and took full advantage of the groovelosity.  There was very low attendance this morning, as all the Academy folks pulled out, leaving ball room dancing conditions on the Tram car.  Back to back was fully happening and by 11:00 the front side began to break and became excellent with wide open slopes and velvet under foot.  The wind bumped up now and again, but not nearly as high velocity as the weather predicted.  A light overcast kept the consistency from becoming too wet and the glide factor remained very good.  We will have to wait and see what the weather does,  though I am holding on to the idea of dumpage.   How about you?!!  Keep it coming!!

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