Another Swell

4-23-09 by dave

Thursday morning looked ominous with clouds hanging over the peaks.  The Temp. in the parking lot was 50 degrees at 8:30, so no freeze today.  I was going to do another Twins tour but I thought better of it due to the temps. and the wind, which is no fun when balancing on a knife edge.  The Sun came out for first tram and the day became much more promising.  The Academy is still here and moved quickly to Mineral Basin with the first three Trams , where the softening was well under way.  The front side had not set up much and the generous grooming made for great skiing out of the chute.  The crunch cookies were lifting out of the till pattern and made the turning a tad skittish on the ball bearing surface, but they were smashed into butter as the morning warmed up and the traffic increased.  The wind is really picking up and the clouds were moving in, flattening the visibility, so we are in for another round of winter snow…I hope.   What do I mean hope… I’m betting on it.  Not to mention  the resurfacing of the big corn shots, which will be coming in the aftermath of this cycle.  I can see it all now!!!  Tomorrow could be an interesting day , but I know you are not afraid, so see you on first bucket and paddle into the line up!!!

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  1. Dave Askew says:

    Dave: We run into each other at the lockers all the time (wife is Sandy). I did the Twins with Mike Biittner yesterday and you were right that it was not too good. However the boot pack was excellent and the wind was mellow unitl the very peak. The skiing was ok up top (buttery, supportable), but really terrible on the run-out in White Pine. My first Twins hike and I have been trying to get there all season, so for me a great day!

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