Spring Powder

4-25-09 by dave

It was a very noisy night here in the Communications Trailer.  The rain was thunderous on the thin skin of the roof as it poured down, but that aluminium helps shield those transmissions from the home planet… I have to get SOME rest!!  More than .5” of water, though it sounded like 3”,  pounded all night with occasional thunder claps.  Alta reported 6” new, so that seemed like an appropriate start for this Saturday morning. Of course, it is my day off and I needed it after the Twins tours of last week, which are still fresh in my mind’s eye… though it is a bit blood shot!   This new instalment will give the back country a brand new surface after it goes through it’s freeze thaw cycle.  To me perfect corn is every bit the treasure that powder is, just creamier, but again it is another kind of perfect!!  The storm track looks poised to deliver another set that is stacking up now so get ready to rock.   The old surface is going to play a roll if you go off trail where the complexion is rough and craggy.  Some of the reefs are beginning to reappear so keep that in mind, especially in Mineral Basin.  The bumps have worked up fairly well on Primrose and Silver Fox and can definitely interrupt a perfectly good turn.  The high North shots are generally smooth with only low rumble to deal with, so plan accordingly.  Look for more freshness in the AM and dream deepness!!!   END TRANSMISSION!!

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