12-31-13 by dave

The predicted cloudiness did not materialize until after Noon, when the cloud deck moved in with snow flurries beginning.  Those first couple of ours were sunny and nice, making the Mineral Basin session extra special.  There was some wind transported snow that had been deposited in the guts, where those lines offered a tasty treat.  Traffic held off out there as well, leaving the groomers uncrowded and arc-able!!  The front side of the hill was firm overall, but the Grooming Crew had left some nice lines to dial in.  Traffic was light, but folks started getting serious after the Noon hour.  Tomorrow, look for whatever accumulation that graces the hill to put some frosting on the cake, light traffic in the AM, and a great beginning to the New Year.  Check out those gut lines to see if additional accumulation fills in the low spots.  You have to look for the goods where it hides, and it goes to the stealthly.  Be there for it.  Here is another shot of Timp. off in the distance.  The view of that hill never gets old, and you can only get that shot if you go Louis and Clark.  See you for the first Boat.  Happy New Year!!!DSC01718

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