1-01-14 by dave

The hill had been covered with a light dusting from yesterday’s impulse that moved through.  Though there was just a skiff, the wind had taken some of it and applied it to some of the low spots.  I found a delightful gully that had a sweet filling that offered buttery smooth turns.  The hill is very firm over all, with some slick spots in the usual places, so keep on your toes for a greasy spot now and again.  Off trail continues to be stiff overall, howeve the High North still has some dry chalky lines that are fully natural with no man made components.  There is soft snow available to the sides of the runs where it gets pushed during the day.  I was finding better quality on those edges as the day progressed.  Tomorrow, look for another day of firm conditions on the hill.  There may be some wind to transport some of the fresh snow overnight. Look for the guts and low areas to grab some of that migrating essence.  Traffic is light, so back to back Trams are very easy to get, but still there is no time to waste if you want to keep that pace.  Here is a shot or Mr Scott and Peppermint Patty who were hitting it hard all morning long.  I got a chance to ride a Gad 2 lift with them this morning and I got this great portrait.  So much fun motoring around the mountain with good friends.  See you there for the morning session.   IBBY!!DSC01721

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  1. Carole Livingston says:

    A few typos and waste, not waist??
    Glad to see you are still going strong

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