1-02-14 by dave

The inversion persists as we sit in this High Pressure system.  The Valley seems to have cleared out a bit, which made possible this shot of the Great Salt Lake way off in the distance.  That is a sight I have not seen in a while.  The wind did not resurface any of the exposures overnight, but the Grooming Crew had worked the hill over nicely, with Mineral Basin offering the best of the velvet bathed in Sunlight for the morning crew.  The Baldy Express was like a private resort for the first hour, with very few folks visiting the far reaches.  The front of the hill is still quite dark in these short days of the season.  It looks like Gad 2 is beginning to offer some nice lines as the traffic it has been smoothing out some of the rumble.  The quality there is dry and chalky, as it is mostly North facing, and just does not morph that much in these short days.  Some of the other High North exposures are improving with wear as well, so look around for the maturing lines.  Tomorrow, look for the morning corduroy for the best of the day,  some Gun Powder under the working guns, and another Sun filled hill to work all the aspects you can think of.  Be there early for an 8:45 AM first Tram.  They have been getting them off the past few days and it does not hurt to be on deck in case they launch one early.  Ciao!!DSC01723

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