4-20-14 by dave

The clouds moved off as the first Tram left the dock, leaving the Sun to bake the snow pack that had not frozen overnight.  Right from the start the snow pack was pliant and granular, with no stickiness for the morning session.  The Peruvian Trifecta had been prepared and was rocking good fun to start things off, but I worked the Lewis and Clark area to take advantage of the perfect untracked corduroy back there.  As soft as it was,  it did not last long until it began to get pushed up into  piles, though they really were no issue.  I moved back to the front to get the pristine quality that was waiting there as traffic was quite light.  Chasing the Sun was not necessary in the least, and it was just a matter of staying ahead of the traffic to get the best untracked lines.  Off trail, there were lines to be had on the High North that really were worth the effort, though as things heated up they became a bit thick.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be the place to be, and depending on the overnight temps, you will have to see where to put down the hammer.  Peruvian, Gad2, Baldy, and Mid Gad are closed for the season beginning tomorrow, so keep that in mind.  The Lewis and Clark sojourns will have to wait until next season.  Having Gad 2 closed will let that area, and the Exotic Trees, smooth out and will be prime for some nice corn in a short while.  Here is a shot of Easter Bunny Bob I took as he was mounting up to attend the High Boy extravaganza up at Alta’s last day celebration.  Stay frosty!!DSC02058

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