4-21-14 by dave

It was very warm on the peak as the First Tram docked, with soft corn underfoot as we mounted up.  Mineral Basin was offering soft corn goodness with no waiting at all.  The Grooming Crew had prepared some very nice drops that reminded me of smooth back country lines you have to hike to get at.  We used to dream of skiing these lines long before the lift was installed there, and now it is good to go.  What a treat.  On the Front Side, the warmth was slow to break with the morning Sun, but did break quickly after breakfast, making the Peruvian lines fun top to bottom.  While Upper Primrose did not get the fresh till, the lower two sections had been prepared and were fast fun and smooth.  By Noon, Regulator had broken and was a delight especially on the right hand side of the main line.  Off trail became good to go around 1:30PM where the sorbet feel was ubiquitous. Tomorrow, it looks like there might be some high clouds moving in ahead of the front that is moving into the area in the next few days.  They are predicting heavy winds with some significant velocity associated with the system, so plan on dressing for the wind.  The Gad Zoom Chair is also closed for the season, though Wilbre is still operating if you plan on dropping below the  Bass Highway.   We’ll have to see how the freeze develops, and go from there in the AM.  Here is a shot of The Bliss Brothers, who were working the Little Cloud Chair hard.  These two have more fun than anyone I know. See you for the morning corn fest.  Syrup won’t stop ‘ EM!!DSC02059

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