6-25-11 by dave

Last week was the first day of Summer and it is in full swing at the Bird.  This morning was a bit cooler to start things off, but the timing worked out to be just about the same as yesterday.  The Groomers are still the best quality on the hill, with the off trail being just marginal fun.  Mineral Basin was soft and carvacious for the first hour, after which it became a bit too sticky for my knees.  I took a traverse out to the Bookends to check it out, but the dirt on the snow made it like super slow motion.  Again, the Groomers are the best for me.  The Road to Provo went off next at 9:00AM. offering perfect corn consistency, with a fresh mow.  I pretended I had hiked to red Baldy and was savoring the Drainage, which has many of the same terrain features.  Fortunately, I did not have to endure the GRUNT it takes to get to the top of Red Baldy, so my internal visualizations served me well  in this instance.  Regulator had frozen up quite solidly, and did not begin to break until 10:00AM, after which, it became carvable and quite fun, with the corn granules blasting down the hill with each turn.  That was especially cool with the back lit Sun shinning through it.   Tomorrow, look for similar timing for the morning session.  The early hours are , for me, the best, and the traffic is much lighter on the limited space available .  Lower down on the hill, it is still good to go without walking, but I think that a hot week will melt off much of the Bass Highway, so plan on hoofing it for a stretch there.  The lower mountain was also incredibly sticky and sloggy, so trips to the bottom are not recommended, especially with the limits on  re lifts.  There is still lots of snow up high so next weekend will still have plenty to play on.  Here is a shot of the bump run under the Little Cloud chair in the early morning Sun.

Morning Wake Up Call

My knees just ache looking at them, though they were a big hit later in the morning as there were many takers to try them out.  See you tomorrow morning IBBY!!!

2 Responses to “SUMMER SKIING”

  1. Robin Beasley says:

    Love the mogul pix, you got the lighting just right. Make some turns thinking about me, please. Rehab is progressing on schedule, so see you in November.

  2. Pete says:


    Thanks for having and keeping up your website.

    I’m out of town now until July 4 weekend and it’s been a great way to keep up with the snow in Utah.


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