6-24-11 by dave

I got off first Tram this morning with a 50 degree reading on the peak.  Mineral Basin offered good grooming on Powder Paradise and Lupine Loop that was already quite soft, but felt good before it got worked over.

Dirty and Soft

I made 5 laps there before moving over to The Road to Provo, where there was a bit more solidity and still offered a good edge ability, though there was a bit of punchability to negotiate that was easily mitigated by a solid smooze turn.  I went off trail to sample the consistency there, but it was only marginal at best, but considering the date it was good over all.  By 9:30 AM Regulator was beginning to break after having been quite crispy early on.  Tomorrow morning will probably be similar in timing, so get there early for the best of the day and the greatest choice of line.  The lower mountain is still well covered, but the snow pack is receding rapidly, and going all the way to the bottom is no bargain, with the sticky factor being quite nasty past the half way point.  Staying up high is much preferable to going down, especially considering the surcharge being levied on relifts.  There are significant areas of undermined snow pack, especially on the lower mountain, that need to be anticipated if you go down.  There are large gaps, holes, cracks, and depressions that loom up in many places as the snow pack shrink wraps to the terrain, so be aware. There is still full cover  to the bottom on both sides, but there may be some sections on the Peruvian side that might make you have to back track if you choose the wrong line.   Here is a shot of Mineral Basin looking rather dirty but quite well covered.  The off trail was no bargain here as well.   See you there early.  Ciao!!

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