6-23-11 by dave



The BIG RETURN is fully underway, with the run off pressing the creek to near flood stage.  I drove up the Canyon to get a first hand look at the hill, finding the snow pack receding quickly, but still plenty of cover to get to the bottom with out walking.  Up high,  the cover is still looking very well covered, with the high North faces still looking fully fat.  The day time temps. are quite high, in fact they are above average, so the overnight freeze will be dubious, but I think the early runs will be firm overall.  The Grooming crew, no doubt, will be paying attention to the tenderizing efforts to provide the best conditions for the morning crew.  This week will keep the attendees on the upper mountain, limiting the trips to the bottom with a sur charge.  Check the Bird site for details.  On my trip up the Canyon I stopped by the creek to get a look at the volume, and it was impressive, with the sound of boulders being moved down the bed making these deep impact sounds.  Here are two shots of the creek flow going big.  See you there for first Tram!!! IBBY!!

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