6-26-11 by dave

Another beautiful morning  began with a slightly cooler feel, though the timing was just the same as yesterday.  Mineral Basin was the place to start things off before the other exposures got the Sun working them.  I ventured out the Traverse to the Bookends, where there was supportable softness, with rocks that had fallen from the spires above littering the pitch.  They were not difficult to maneuver around, and the feel was like a slow motion dream.  I have included a shot of the spires just above the long shot, which seem so majestic and have been watching over the proceedings all season.    The Road to Provo went off as usual, offering the same corn goodness that you want when you hike for it.  Regulator held off until 10:00AM, after which it too began to offer the goods.  Finally the West facing off trail began to break , which opened up quite a few more shots to caress before they got too soft.  There is the magic window of opportunity, where like morning porridge it is JUST RIGHT; not to hot, not too cold!!!  What was nice about some of the off trail, is that it had been skied the past couple of days, and the  Sun cups had been sanded down making the ride that much more approachable.  This week is forecast to bring some warm temps., so going to the bottom will become problematic, as the Bass Highway will not have cover toward Wilbre Ridge, and you will have to walk that stretch, as well as the last section by the Big Tree which was barely passable today.  Up high, however, there is still plenty of cover for next week on both sides of the hill, so it will be  another rare opportunity to celebrate the 4th, and be there for the end of the longest, deepest, legendary season.   I will get a look at the hill later in the week to update the site with the latest info., so stay tuned.  IBBY!!!


3 Responses to “GREAT SLIDING”

  1. marie says:

    thanks for the update. working hard mon-thur, so that i can spend fri-mon up on “the mountain.”

  2. Dave S says:

    “IBBY”? = “I’ll Be Blasting You”?

    Dave, did you grow up in the Boston area?

  3. dave says:

    Yes indeed. You are the first one to pick up on that little piece of obscurity. As you know, it came from the memorable MAJOR MUDD. It was on the desk he sat behind and it was also his sign off saying. Good times!!!

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