6-29-11 by dave

I took a Tram to get a look at the cover in the upper elevations.  The lower 1000′ is very melted off, offering very sketchy threads to the bottom, all of which will require some walking at the very bottom.  There is significant undermining of the snow pack where the water is running underneath, presenting some very dubious lines.  The upper mountain is still holding up nicely and will certainly make it through the weekend.  The only spot that looked problematic is just down hill off the top of Mineral Basin Express on the cat track, where the running water has melted a large area, leaving only threads on either side.  They may be able to farm some extra snow from the peak to cover it up, but that spot will be thin and rocky.  The forecast is for a nice weekend, though the temps. are going to be a bit high, so the early hours will be best.  I was on the peak at 1:00PM, and the pack was very wet and sloggy, so the 11:00AM point will see total saturation.  Depending on your taste in consistency, that is the outside of the box for me.  When it gets that sticky I head for the Forklift Chair.  Some folks seem to be having success with TURTLE CAR WAX applied thickly and left to dry in the Sun before heading up.  No buffing required, so maybe bring a can with you and try it out when things get too sticky.  It can’t

Little Cloud

Mineral Baisn

hurt and it is much cheaper than ski wax, though Superior over in Christie’s Sports is doing a wax treatment that seems to work well and it is quite affordable.  Plan on staying up on top, as the lower part of the hill is no bargain.  Just my point of view.  See you Friday!!!  Ciao!  Here is a shot of Little Cloud and Mineral Basin taken today, Wednesday.

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