6-19-16 by dave

Summer begins with the solstice, and the Bird’s Summer Season began with the Brew Fest and opening of the Tram.   I took advantage of a brief respite from the Dark Matter Wars to get to the peak and reconnect with the vibrations that burst from that vortex.   Here is a shot of the Twins with the last of last season’s snow still holding tough on the High North exposures.  DSC03884The work on the Tram is complete and it is running as smooth as silk.  The new cables are looking shiny and new, and it is an amazing feat to have the new threads set and ready for the next 45 years.  The Summit at Hidden Peak was open as well, but I spent my time soaking up the vistas that were offered by a Kodachrome day.    Down at the base, the plaza was packed, with a great BBQ going on, and out in the upper circle all the Brewing Companies each had tents.  There were arts and crafts tents with some lots of things to check out.   Sin City Soul was rocking the circle with great R&B.  DSC03889They are all excellent players and they played very interesting songs with very funky grooves.  The bass player is an old friend of mine who grew up in the same town back in Mass. that I came from and settled in Heber.  I rarely get a chance to catch this band and it was a special treat to be front and center to get the full effect.  DSC03886It is great to have such a great place to escape the heat so close to home during the Summer.  It is like a staycation like no other.  There are lots of great events planned for the Summer as well as the ongoing activities that are happening every day.  All the attractions are up and running, so everyday is a great day to get a way and enjoy the beauty that is in our back yard.  Tomorrow I return to my post where I am engaged in transmuting the Dark Matter into Puissant Energy with which new creations can be brought into being.  It seems like bailing against the tide sometimes, but there is solace in KNOWING!!  Stay Frosty!!

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