7-23-16 by dave

We are in the middle of Deep Summer,with the heat pushing the upper levels.  Time is moving like the LCC creek running at full volume in the Spring time, so I have been paying close attention to each day.  When it gets this hot, I look back to the Mid Winter and the Angel Fire in the very cold atmosphere. photo 2-1Here, in the Deep Summer, the Chef’s vegetable garden is going full blast.  I got this shot of one of his cabbages that was just  geometrically stunning, with a lot going on in a small area.  DSC03921It has that full fractal element going on that is hypnotizing to me.  Here is a great shot of THE CHEF, who tends this garden with such dedication.  DSC03918The Cool Air Concerts have been great all Summer, with Steve Kimock playing a stellar show that was a total surprise to have him be the Headliner. Here is a Bill Hughes shot, up close and personal.  What a treat!!13669734_716122975202482_1068794977216173133_nWhile visiting the Summit at Hidden Peek, I was hanging on the new East facing porch and took these two shots of Mineral Basin.   It is such a vast area and if fun to anticipate the possibilities. DSC03925Here, looking a bit closer, you get a sense of what we glide on so happily. Great terrain to push the imagings.  DSC03926I stop and try and hold these images going back into the Winter, which is not far away at all if you think about it.   Another  great person has left the planet suddenly, hiking in the hills he loved.  I have never known anyone who packed more life into life, and radiated happiness.  He will be missed.  Here is a great shot of Rick Gardener hosting one of his great concerts at his cabin up in Big Cottonwood.  IMG_2741I was really enjoying the new Peak facility, which has added a whole new PEAK experience.  The old  Patrol Shack was razed the other day, and now the vista will be unobstructed.  My friend Neil got this shot when it was a done deal.  Quite a difference indeed.  It will be a whole new experience when you get off the Tram.  New line possibilities will open up for sure. 20160720_164150Now we enter the down hill slide into the new Season, which is fast approaching.  The Dark Matter Wars continue, but are really a cakewalk with the proper perspective.  Remember,  Syrup Won’t  Stop ‘EM!!

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