4-23-12 by dave

It was 50 Degrees on the peak as first Tram arrived at the dock this morning.  Mineral Basin had already gone away, being much too soft and sticky right off the bat.  The front of the hill had a soft dessert sorbet feel, as the groomers offered that smooth sumptuous feel for the first 2 hours.  The lower part of the hill was still holding on at Noon, but any later was going to be problematic.  I had to call it when the stickiness made my knees scream for mercy.  The off trail is still smoothing out, but the rumble chop is still an issue with the thick clinging drag on the bottoms.  Tomorrow looks like it will be much the same as this morning, so get there early for the best of the day as the quality does not wait for long.  The late comers will have to deal with the slop issues, which were not fun…. for me.  Others were still having a fun time.   Gad Zoom is now closed, so going lower than the rope line on lower Big Emma will leave you walking  a long way.  It is best to just go with the flow and head back to the Tram for another lap.  Here is a cool shot of an interesting cloud formation that looked dramatic and out of place in the sky.  See you for the early lines.  TTFN!!

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