4-24-12 by dave

There was another 50 Degree morning on the peak, as the first Tram discharged the full car.   Mineral Basin was very soft and sensual, but really past prime.  The front of the hill had a full assortment of conditions top to bottom, with some silk on the top, diamond plate in the middle, and some dessert sorbet on the bottom.  All this in one run.  It all depended on exposure to the Sun’s rays, aspect, and elevation, but it kept you on your toes until it began to break, getting in the sweet window of goodness.  There is something about perfect Corn goodness that only happens in the spring, and it is another kind of perfection.  There is actually  a bigger window than a powder day, as the powder goes in one hour, here you can get 3 to 4 hours of scrumptulessence.  When things get too sticky it is very tough on my knees.  Tomorrow, look for another spring morning with an advanced opening time of 8:00 AM and a closing of 2:00PM to offer a larger window.  That extra time in the AM will give additional good time, with Mineral lasting longer.  See you on the early Tram. Here is a shot of the melting – freezing cycle held in a suspended moment.  Be sure to click on the photo to get the file, then click again and it will fill out full screen.  With that resolution you will see the crystal matrix!!  Seek Out!!!

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