12-18-13 by dave

After a nice sunny morning a cloud deck moved in later in the day making the light go flat.  There are fairly enthusiastic  predictions about the possible accumulation over the next couple of days.  The Cat Crew did a nice job of getting the dance floor ready for today’s rock and roll festival.  It was easy once again to hit the back to back pace and the core morning crew was hitting each boat in a tight pattern as they all hit the skier’s bridge within seconds of each other.  That is telling indeed and I did not feel up to keeping such a blistering pace.  As sections got skied off, looking to the sides of the runs was paying off with some built up softness that let you bleed off some of the juice before  hitting some the steeper sections.  Once again there had been a fresh Cat Track up the Peruvian side of the hill which offered a very sweet line after the tiller had turned the frosting.  Nice touch and very unexpected.  Traffic was light on the hill and that made the atmosphere much more relaxed.  Tomorrow, look for precipitation to have fallen overnight, and more accumulation all during the day.   It will be good to stay with the tried and true until things get a bit worked over, as any slope features may get covered up again.  I have been keeping a mental note of the larger areas, and as such I will be staying close to what I know has the smooth. The interference patterns are still offering some upper end amplitude, however, there are still those lines available to circumvent the worst of the rumble.  Here is a shot of the new/old Mercedes 1968 4X4 that was parked on the Plaza this morning.  What a beautiful example of restoration.  Sweet ride.  See you for the freshness in the AM.  Ciao!!!!DSC01689

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