12-17-13 by dave

A beautifully smooth treat greeted the crew for first Tram this morning and it was a rock and roll delight.  The Grooming Crew had worked wonders on the hill, pushing snow and detailing the spots that had been problematic yesterday.  Back to back Trams were easy to get with just half filled Trams going up the cables.  The snow guns had turned out some sweet sections for those who got the early lines,-32 making it well worth the effort to get on it for the first bell.  It was a dance fest where we were all twisting and fruging all morning long.  Here is a shot of the lovely MIA getting in on the groove in a scene from Snow Fiction as the rocking vibe was spreading.  Tomorrow, look for more excellent Cat work, but there are high clouds in the forecast that might make the lights go out as the next storm begins to move in.  Perhaps the murk will get flushed from the Valley with the changing pattern.   Firmness is still deepening, but it is nicely offset by the velvet that is still holding on the hill.  Interference patterns are still building, but there are some smooth sections in between that can be worked for some variation.  We will have to wait and see how this next storm shakes out.  They are anticipating a Mineral Basin opening on Saturday for the season and any additional accumulation will be a welcome addition.  See you there for the opening bell and the continuation of the rock fest that is ongoing.  Stay Frosty!!

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