3-08-13 by dave

The weather dude predicted a stormy day today, after yesterday’s short showing, so I was hoping for a storm day, but we are still waiting for the arrival of the goods.  There was even a bit of Sun in the AM, but the cloud cover came in later in the day turning the lights out.  The Jet Stream is going way South and them coming back up, making the flow warmer, so whatever comes will be higher density for sure.  After the heavy pre frontal wind earlier in the week filled in the High North, the hill is set up to make whatever comes a bonus.  I am at a disadvantage being off the hill with the shoulder issues, but I plan on getting up there very soon for some first hand looks at the variations.  It is raining now here at the Trailer, so we can expect some fresh Essence for the morning crew.  The cover is great now, and any additional accumulation will be a bonus.  The next week is predicted to be a return to spring like temps, so take advantage of the cold snow before it gets hit with the heat.   The Snowbird Secrets Book Signing  was a lot of fun at the Forklift.  I want to thank the folks at Snowbird, and the staff at the Forklift, who helped make this such a fun event.   Here is a piece of my explorations with paint and gravity.  I do not touch the medium at all.  It is all Universe driven, and you never know how it will turn out.  See you all soon on the hill.   Peace Out!!DSC00371

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