3-09-13 by dave


I could only watch from the Trailer this morning as the clouds hung low and thick on the peaks.  5” of fresh had fallen in the last 24 hours, so there was some nice cushion covering the hill.   Once again, I do not have the first hand look at the hill, but I am determined to get up there tomorrow to see what is up, and how my shoulder feels motoring around in golf cart mode.  You had to know that the groomers were nice and velvety with the fresh material to work with, but the visibility issues, no doubt, DSC00262problematic wherever you went.   In the fog, a known smooth line will always give you the edge when you have to use braille to find the way.   The forecast is for clearing and warming over the next few days, so be getting after the direct exposures to the Sun before they go South with the warming.  The groomers can once again be counted on for  a rocking ride, but I think there will be remnants of the wind deposited smooth, especially if the lines have been shrouded by the clouds.   Look for the goods where the traffic ignored lines that are more out of the way.  I am determined to get the first hand look, and I will just have to see how long I can last, so as to not aggravate the healing process, but I am jonesing for turns.  Here is another adventure with paint to take the place of an on the hill shot.  See you in the AM.   IBBY!!

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