12-18-12 by dave

Yet another dose of the goods was deposited on the hill  overnight, which was a bit higher density than yesterday, but still was sumptuous and deep.   Mineral Basin opened as well as a delayed Road to Provo to treat the crowd of faithful to what they have been waiting for since last year.  I heard so many comments about how this is already better than last year, that it tells you that  everyone is on the same page in trying to make up for lost turns.  I can tell you that the days of training runs earlier in the season are paying off now with added stamina and line focus.  It is now possible to fully arc into each turn for the full centrifugal effect on the ski.  I was so over going sideways, that driving a solidly round turn was an extravaganza.  Later in the day the higher density began to set up the Harbor Chop  on the lower mountain, which required a long deliberate arc to keep from getting worked.   It was still snowing when I left, so we can expect more accumulation overnight, so check the road report for restrictions.  This is the perfect scenario, where we don’t get too much at once which keeps things open and it gets skied out.  Tomorrow, be sure to get an early start unless the Canyon

Stairway to  Heaven

Stairway to Heaven

closes, as the pressure for first Tram is high.  The Chair option was a good call this morning, with walk on access and a hop skip and a jump to the top.  I keep forgetting the new lift, so I waited in the Tram line when I could have been at the top and going down before I got in the Tram building.  Doh!!!   I will keep that in mind, it is just hard changing the paradigm sometimes.   Here is a shot of the Stairway To Heaven!!!  See you there for more Deep experience in the AM.   Peace Out.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Truth be told, the lines were insane for a Tuesday. I’m not sure if it was the last of the 2 for 1 passes or just NWS’s insane hyping of this storm (16-22 inches Monday night alone was incorrectly predicted at one point). In many ways it was disappointing despite the epic snowpack mentioned.

  2. Dr Nebz says:

    Sounds like I made the correct decision to ride Monday instead of Tuesday. Should be good tomorrow. See you up there!

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