12-19-12 by dave



It was quite a cold morning, though not nearly as cold as it get’s in other locals, but it paid to cover exposed skin this morning.  There was a vague cloud of super cold air hugging the peak that made the details blurry.  The Sun finally made a comeback after the long cycle that changed the entire dance floor wall to wall.  There are still a few thin spots where the wind continued to scour the slope, but for the most part there was sumptuous depth and goodness where ever you looked.  Mineral Basin was sunny for the first runs of the day, and there were plenty of untracked lines that had been overlooked in yesterday’s white out.  It was so cold that the snow machines were turning out some of the sweetest gun powder imaginable, making a quick deceleration maneuver executed just to enjoy the exquisite softness with each arcing turn.  Yummmmm!   Tomorrow, look for the off trail to still be quite soft and deep over all, with the groomers hitting the all time awesome mark.  I love it when the consistency gets so good you can trust dialing what ever radius you choose.  That bit of involvement was just a dream just last week, but here we are with a whole new dance floor.   Here is a shot of one of the fans kicking out some of the nicest creaminess with Twins in the back ground.  It is up to us to begin the smoothing process, so show  up early to do your part.  IBBY!!

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  1. Rob Baker says:

    I have to agree. There was quality everywhere. The Cham Chutes were as charming as I can recall.

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