12-17-12 by dave

Surf is up on the hill and there is a big swell moving in which will get us all shacked in due time.  Today’s delight was a wind whipped froth of redistributed goodness that had completely mitigated the ratchet chop from yesterday.   What a treat it was to fully dial into any turn with full confidence of fully supportable carvaliciousness on every turn.  There was only minimal scratchiness on the very lower part of the hill.  The early high wind extravaganza was a bonus after the Tram was forced to close, followed shortly by the Little Cloud chair that was taking the full brunt of the maelstrom.  The clouds began to back off making everyone think it was over and that we were going to get by passed, but I knew it was just a sucker hole.  At 4:30 PM the cold front rolled through the Valley bringing a pelting rain that sounded  so good on the thin skin of the Trailer.   I love that sound as it means Essence on the Hill.   Tomorrow look for nice accumulation and how much is anyone’s guess, so check the road report in the AM.  The coverage is getting better all the time and the groomed sections are really special now that the crew has some real snow to work with.  You have to love a fresh mowed mat with perfect velvet to carve.   So much fun.   The Peruvian chair was still offering some wind swept goodness late in the day, so look for those guts to be filled and smooth.   It is going to be a great cycle so get ready for the DEEP!!!    Here is a shot of that sucker hole shining in the valley.   Load the trucks it’s clear over the lake!!!




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