4-09-11 by dave

The snow continues to fall outside the Trailer this afternoon, and of course, the Essence is being delivered to the hill above for tomorrow’s festivities.  Now, today was my day off, but you had to know that the faithful were present in full force after a brief morning Canyon closure.  With over night accumulation, it was a replay of Friday’s wonderful return to Winter, and today and tonight’s continued accumulation will have buried the old crusty layer well below the freshness.  There will be a Canyon closure in the morning for control work, but the estimated opening is 8:00 AM, so that will not be putting too much of a crimp in the foil.  With 615” of year to date accumulation, this next addition will be going down in the legendary column for sure.  With the continued snow fall, and overcast skies, the Essence has maintained its winter like quality, so all aspects are offering Good To Go lines, with the recent hazards well cushioned.  Be sure to check the Canyon access in the AM. for restrictions, and have a great day.  I will be there to partake of the Essence as we keep the winter time rolling!!! Peace Out!

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  1. Heyatoya says:

    Is that you in the shot of the day on March 28, 202011 Gad II shot? I was out in mid-March, had a blast in the LC and Upper Cirque POW. Enjoy the Essence Sunday, and hopefully I’ll get to meet you some day.
    Heyatoya from thawed out Chitown area.

  2. dave says:

    That is a great shot, but it is not me. Those are the skis I ride, and the mustache is very similar, but I do not wear a helmet. Sunday was a great day, with lots of enthusiasm wall to wall. You can always catch me at the Forklift restaurant between 10:30 and 11:30 AM. every morning where I stop for breakfast after a brisk morning session. Stop by and say HI. Peace Out.

  3. Tony says:

    Great lower tt yesterday. About three ft of the dry light, first tracks and my last run of the season. See ya nxt yr. Tony from themtram book. Aloha from Hawaii!!

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