4-08-11 by dave

After the last two days, I never thought that the hill could rebound in such an amazing fashion.  The overnight snow started out quite wet, which bonded nicely to the crusty layer, and built up in increasingly lighter stages to provide a near flawless powder extravaganza. The old crust layer was barely noticeable, except where the fresh slid off the steep aspects.  The faithful were on hand early to partake of the fresh Essence, and who could blame them.  The Tram line backed up fully, but the chairs were vacant, walk on quick, and accessed the same terrain, so I was working the stashes from that angle.  The Tram line did dissipate at 12:00 Noon, leaving walk on Trams, all thanks to the Tram crew, who grabbed an extra gear and put the hammer down. 10 Meter Trams will suck down the most persistent line due strictly to a relentless pace that few can keep up with.  The snow kept falling all day, preserving the quality, though the temperature did start climbing ,which began to thicken the product.  Tomorrow, Gad 2 is scheduled to reopen for the weekend, so  the freshies there will be massive and worth the visit.  More snow is expected overnight, which will keep the ball rolling, and keep the snow from setting up.  Check the road access tomorrow morning for restrictions, as they closed the road briefly this afternoon for control, so the build up is beginning to gather momentum.  It is my day off tomorrow, so have a great time. How could you not!!!?  IBBY!!!!

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  1. 3D says:

    Aaahhh… the way Wind Gods and Snow Gods often see fit to fix practically anything overnight.


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