4-10-11 by dave

More snow overnight sweetened the dance floor for the faithful, who arrived quickly after the Canyon closure was lifted.  The medium density Essence had an opulent quality, not light- not heavy, but felt delicious under, and around, foot.  The tracked out snow from yesterday could be felt just slightly, though it did not detract from the ride to any extent.  The snow continued to fall during the day, with some pockets of Sun light poking through from time to time, but not enough to reduce the pack to paste.  The energy was high, and while the Tram was backed up the chairs were walk on quick, so once again I took that angle to access the hill with out delay.  While putting through a short traverse, I got caught by a wind wave, stopped cold,and flopped upside down in a tree well.  45 minutes later, and exhausted from my drowning experience, I beat a hasty retreat to the Forklift chair to assess the ligament strain I uncured during my struggle in the bottomless trap.  Having nothing left to take to the hill I bailed to rest up for tomorrow, which should provide some still soft lines in the AM., though if the Sun comes out in force, the quality will go South rapidly.  Look for some rippingly smooth Groomers on which to do some ground pounding, though they might prove to be a tad punchable with the amount of soft snow we have received.  There is also some more weather upstream for later in the week, so we have that to look forward to.  I will be there for first boat, so I will see you then.  Ciao!!

6 Responses to “BONUS ROUND”

  1. SkierDigs says:

    glad you’re okay Dave

  2. Niff says:

    That must have been gnarly. There was a tree well death, or maybe two, at Baker a few years ago.

    Glad you escaped without harm !

  3. Mike Wittman says:

    Peace from the Seattle crew. Glad you escaped the well. I’ve enjoyed your blog all winter! Sounds like another tremendous year at the bird, particularly since we were there over SuperBowl weekend!

  4. litterbug says:

    Yeesh, Dave, I just about had a heart attack when I read “tree well” but then I remembered I was reading your post, so you must be OK. Hope the strained ligament doesn’t interfere with your joy too much.

  5. dave says:

    The Tree Well incident was just one of those fluky things that happen when you don’t expect it. I should have called the Patrol from my inverted position, but I chose to freak out then deal with the issues. I am OK, but I learned a valuable lesson.

  6. Bob Dwore says:

    Dave, glad to hear you escaped the tree well plunge. Tree wells can be very frightening experiences as I have witnessed up in BC more than once.
    Be well…………see ya on the hill. bd

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