4-17-16 by dave

The temps. were still quite cold this morning, even though the Sun was shining brightly and there was little wind.  Mineral Basin was the call for the opening bell, with White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper offering ground pounding perfection top to bottom, as the consistency of the corduroy was mid Winter cold and buffed.  A huge turn out by the Morning Crew plied the lines on Lewis and Clark for the last time of the season as the chair will now be closed.  Here is a shot of the full assembly at the top of the Corner looking up at Hidden Peak.  DSC03761On the front of the hill, it was going to be some time until the break, as the cold temps. made it tough for the pack to gather much momentum, but that also stretched the quality of the pack to be great well into the late afternoon.  I went out to the far Exotic Trees today, as they have not been opened for quite some time, where we found some perfect powder 3 days after the storm. DSC03762Lower down on that run, the consistency became quite challenging, but a line choice in the deep trees helped pull that one out just fine.  The annual Jake and Sully Bypass Road Extravaganza was held once again, with great food, drinks and friends, all of whom have been together now for 40 years. How time flies when  you are having fun.  This shot was taken just as the festivities DSC03766were just getting started.  Later on it was a scene of full party attendance, with great weather and lots of laughs.  Here is a shot of The Tramrat, who was cooking up the burgers, dogs, and Brauts as fast as he could to keep up with the pace of the hungry arrivals.  DSC03765Tomorrow, the Tram will be down for Track Cable Replacement, so it will be the Peruvian Chair for the next week, Gad Valley, and Mineral Basin for the terrain access.  Look for great Grooming to be the ticket for the opening bell.  Mineral Basin will be the call with the bright Sun working the pack.  The front of the hill will be breaking later, but I suspect not much melt until around 11:00AM on the front.  The off trail will be a bit tricky, so look around and see what might look good.  See you there for the morning fun.  IBBY!!

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