4-16-16 by dave

The Northwesterly flow kept the temps. cold this morning, though the Sun was out for the opening hour or so.  The Groomers were Winter buffed dry and cold, which was a treat for dialing the deep carved turns.  The sections that had not opened yesterday were opened today, which offered high quality Essence for a second day in a row.  Clouds moved back in a bit later in the morning and hung in all day, but that helped keep the quality nicely refrigerated. Even the temp. at the base never got warm, so the goods were good to go all day. Here is a shot I took yesterday of the freshly fallen dust hanging on the trees down on the lower mountain.  DSC03752Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to, once again, be offering Winter like smooth, with plenty of play to get your edges in all the way through the turn.  The reverberations from the last storm may still be hanging on the hill, so expect continued cold temps. for the morning session.  Off trail will continue to be good, but the old layer is becoming more a factor as the hill gets worked.  Look for the High North to be still holding the best quality, but I don’t think the Sun had much chance to hit the pack too hard today.  It will be the last day of the Tram operation, so be sure to get there for the festivities.  I will see you dark and early for the ground pounding fun.  Stay Frosty!!

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