1-18-24 by dave

There were some high clouds this morning, but some visibility was on tap for today’s festivities. A lighter turnout of The Faithful made for quicker turnarounds on the hill, and with sections widely visible, were able to spot the available lines that were happening all over the hill. The recent installment’s high density quality, made for some very stiff sliding, which required a full fall line attack to let the power of gravity do the work.

Diamond Dave dialing in full platform engagement in a clean untrammeled line and leaving trails of glory.

The prepared lines were feeling delightfully dialable and let you feel the luxury of every turn. Tomorrow, look for more good conditions, with some of the high traffic areas becoming a tad lumpy, but the prepared lines will still be offering dry, chalky carpets, that will let you dial it in. I’ll be keeping and eye out for any mention of a Mineral Basin opening, and will be listening to the Tram announcements closely.

The Chef spent the day avoiding the Rocky Mountain Whoop Rule by staying on the level ground, but still is confident in the Promise Of The Wasatch!!

See you for another day of full on, full power blasting on the hill. Eat your Wheaties, you’re gonna need ’em. Remain Standing!!

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