1-19-24 by dave

The Faithful were on deck early in anticipation of the opening of Mineral Basin and they got their wish. Everyone wanted a piece of that and there were lots of variations in quality depending on the aspect chosen. The Basin was the big draw and the initial draw of the Tram was shifted to the Mineral side and the Tram line vanished. On the front of the hill, the big draw was a fresh till of Anderson’s Hill with the roll into Lower Primrose Path, which offered perfect corduroy that made that drop back country smooth with impeccable wind buffed feel.

Untracked corduroy for the morning session with no one around as they were chasing the Mineral Basin call.

I hit this line 3 times in rapid succession and got untracked lines all three times. What a bonus. Later, The Road To Provo opened, but I was still working the front sections to extract as much goodness from the vacant lines as possible. Tomorrow, look for more prepared lines on all sides of the hill, some snow developing later in the day as another impulse pushes through. The hill is in great shape, Off trail, you will need to use a full deep fall line drive line approach to punch through the stiff crud on all sides of the hill. Nice to have enough snow to get those full steep groomers going. Dial it up, Dial it in!!

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