5-04-14 by dave

High winds kept the Tram from operating for the morning session, but the Peruvian Chair was fired up providing access to the Tunnel and Mineral Basin.  The front of the hill was very crispy, as anticipated, but the Basin was offering prime corn goodness right off the bat.  White Diamonds had been given the righteous treatment with smooth carving, good to go, top to bottom.  That entire section was really fun and fast for the first hour and a half.  I hit the Forklift Chair to let the front soften up, and it was perfect when I returned to get the sorbet treat that waited for me. The Tram reopened  after breakfast, so the fast laps were easy to make.  The stickiness held off until quite late with the deep corn holding the cold just a bit longer.   Tomorrow, look for Mineral Basin to be the place to be for the morning session, as the front will have crisped up overnight.  The break is fast, and the early feel during the break is very silky and smooth.  Tenderizing effort had been employed to give some tooth to the front side, but where those efforts were skirted the glaze was formidable indeed.  It is best to avoid that glaze if you can go around it, and wait until the break.  Coverage continues to be good, with no real melt off issues.  Steer clear of those edges against the rocks and trees where there might be some rotten areas.  Here is a shot I took just the other day of the wind carved section off the Cat Track.   I love how the Sun and wind conspire to create art everywhere.  IBBY!!DSC02077

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