5-05-14 by dave

As anticipated, the front of the hill had a very stout glaze on it from the residual cold in the snow, but Mineral Basin was just hitting the mark when first Tram hit the dock.  Fast laps were easy to make with the traffic very low and the sorbet feel in full effect back there.  I tried out a test run on the front side, but the firmness was holding up, so I visited the Forklift Chair to let softening to occur.  The front was just getting the feel when I came out, and I pretended I was hitting the Red Baldy drainage as I caressed the corn goodness that was really feeling perfect.  As the Sun worked the dance floor, Regulator began to break, followed by Mark Malu, and the glide factor was smooth and fast even without wax.  Big Emma had a window of perfection as well that felt like the Tri Chute  apron out in White Pine.  MMMMMMM Gooood!   Coverage continues to be excellent, so all aspects are still good to go when they break.  Tomorrow, look for overcast skies as the next system moves in, so the timing on the break may be much different.  Still, the first hour will offer the best untracked corduroy.  This morning it felt like skiing  powder in a slow motion kind of way.  Deep, smooth, luxurious, and delightful lines were easy to find if you looked to the un recognized areas.  Here is a shot of the buttress fins at the mouth of the Canyon.  The green is moving up the Canyon and the morning light illuminates them beautifully.  Ciao!!DSC02082

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