5-15-11 by dave

It was significantly colder this morning, making me think that I would find bullet proof conditions, but it never did freeze.  It did not even solidify, making most of the off trail punchable and tenuous.  The Groomers were velvet smooth, feeling like true back country corn.  The front of the hill also did not set up, with very nice granular carvaciousness top to bottom.   The  wind was blowing hard out of the South, which helped keep the snow pack from becoming sticky too fast, but the inevitable finally did crop up.  Following the Sun kept you in the goods, though by 2:00PM. the softness was ubiquitous.  It was a great day with lots of energy and no lift lines all day.

Mineral Basin

This week might see some additional accumulation, but that is a toss up.. That might help, and it might hurt the conditions, but with luck it will further smooth out the terrain.  I will be posting again as I see the changes coming, so stay tuned.  Here is a long shot of Mineral Basin that you won’t normally see unless you go to extremes.  I went to the extremes and took this shot of the full fatness that was going off this weekend.  As you can see it is a long way from melting off.  See you next weekend!  Ciao!!

2 Responses to “STIFF BREEZE”

  1. Is no one skiing the Toad anymore?
    Have great shots of Spot, Brian Barrett, Billy and CT skiing the big.
    What’s up Dave?

  2. Chris Eggers says:

    What a great blog. To bad I did find it so late!
    I am lucky to have been to Snowbird 4 times, 1994, 1995, 1997 and 1999….I still remember it as one of the greatest places to ski and ride. I will return someday!

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