5-19-11 by dave

Living The Dream

Long before the season ended, I had the distinct impression that the snow fall was far from over.  It has been raining all week long, with the heaviest amounts in the past few days, and it has become heavier today, Thursday.  Snowbird is reporting 22” in the last 48 hours and 742” YTD, and the weather report is for another sizable dose today and into tomorrow.  Friday will be a powder day, though, with this much snow, the access may be limited, and pressure for the goods is sure to be significant.  I don’t anticipate spring skiing, so dress for the occasion .  The hill is still in full fat shape, making the access you do get good to go.  I think the bottom will be only marginally in play, but still use some discretion as there is significant debris out and about.  This is an exciting time to be getting deep snow, further sending this season’s awesomnicity deep into the collective memory of the faithful.   P.S.I just got back from the Bird to get a first hand look at the hill.  The bottom 1000′ has a very pasty consistency, and with the combined rain and sun working the hill, the prognosis was not encouraging.  The upper 2000′ had high density Spackle, so tomorrow will not be a banner powder day. I talked to Snow Safety, and was told that if it snows overnight they will open late and close early. If it does not snow, it will still be a wait and see situation.  In any case, be sure to have your best heavy snow utensils on hand, as it won’t last long.    See you there in the AM.  IBBY!!

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  1. Robert Moyer says:

    What are the chances of de Bird being open tomorrow?

  2. hey dave. I was hoping to get together and talk design with you sometime this spring/summer. i’m downtown mostly right now, but let me know what works for you. Thanks again!


  3. dave says:

    I was just up there, and it looks good to go, but if we get snow tonight, it will open late and close early. If we don’t get snow it will be around8:00AM.

  4. angelo says:

    Question for you:
    Why if you get snow do you open later and close early??
    Does getting snow actually hurt you right now?
    How much snow is still on the base at the base?

  5. dave says:

    If we get snow, they will have to do additional Snow Safety work, which will take longer to get things open. Last weekend the snow pack had developed a nice granular consistency, but now, with the new snow, we will be dealing with a heavy thick layer, which will be fun until it gets cut up, after which, it will develop terminal Harbor Chop. OOOh, It makes my knees hurt just thinking about it. I will be taking refuge at the Forklift Chair when that occurs. They are reporting 177” at mid mountain, and there is easily 10 to 12′ at the base.

  6. Leslie Hilton says:

    Dave, good stuff here. First time reader of your blog, I plan on book marking you. Just moved to P.C. this last week and have not been to the Bird (is that OK to call it that? “The Bird” Or is that like calling Honolulu, Hono). You think it would worth getting up early am and getting up the canyon before it closes at 6am.


  7. dave says:

    My honest opinion is that it would not be worth trying to get up the Canyon before it closes. My first hand look at the hill this afternoon,though exciting to see fresh snow, was not encouraging. I am personally going to wait for the Canyon to open an casually work my way up there. Reasons; The quality is going to be just OK for Powder, the pressure is going to be insane, There is going to be limited access, and yet to be determined lift openings, so, while I don’t want to squelch the enthusiasm, I am trying to give an honest assessment on your question. I will be there, but I am going to approach the day with casuality. Thanks for the props!! P. S. The Bird is just fine!!

  8. Chris says:

    Dave–Just wanted to say thanks for the update. I was trying to make heads or tails out of Snowbird’s official report about limited terrain and TBD status. This really gave a clear idea of the real-deal conditions and story.

  9. Hoss says:

    Any updates?

  10. Niff says:

    Hey Dave you occasionally mention that you have knee issues. You probably already know about this device, but just in case:- google ‘ski mojo’. I am looking to get one myself, apparently it takes a substantial portion of the load off the knee joints. I’ve heard good reports. Might help deal with the Harbour Chop.

  11. dave says:

    The Bird is reporting 7” overnight, but I would bet it is more than that, based on the heavy rainfall here at the Trailer. The Canyon is closed until 8:30 AM., but the Bird web site is reporting not opening today due to high snow fall and high density. Do not get started only to be disappointed by the closure. Tomorrow will still be offering even more freshness, as the precipitation is going to continue today.

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