4-02-16 by dave

It was a full return to Spring today, with a brisk morning, rapidly warming temps, and the Sun working the product on the direct aspects.  The Groomers were the highlight of the morning session with big wide lines nicely prepared and still not too affected by yesterday’s Sun.  The High North was still holding the cold dry chalk that is consistent, however the interference patterns have been building on the high traffic areas.  Here is a shot of Upper Gadzooks, which had been buffed to a billiard table smooth, with the West Twin towering in the background. DSC03725There was still some nice High North untracked lines if you had a bit of ambition to get to the far reaches where those treats were waiting.  My friend Mike was doing some excellent snow FullSizeRender-8farming before the quality got manky.  You can see it was getting a bit doughy down low here.  Thanks for the shot Mike.  The Plaza was the place to be for the afternoon festivities, with great live music and lots of folks enjoying the Spring ambience.   Tomorrow, look for more great Groomers to be offering smooth hard charging lines.  Mineral Basin will be the place to start with the Sun lighting the Dance Floor and priming the velvet smooth lines.  The lower aspects on the front of the hill may be a bit crispy to start out the day, so follow the Sun for the best quality around the clock.  See you there dark and early for the First Tram.  Peace Out!!

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