4-03-16 by dave

It was quite balmy on the peak this morning and the Sun was in full effect on the hill.  Mineral Basin was the call for the first of the morning session, with White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper offering nicely softening corduroy top to bottom.  I added the usual Lewis and Clark lap to top off the full experience, where I found smooth and consistent lines.  I made these runsDSC03729 with Michelle, who was laying down really beautiful tele turns that looked more like ballet than a sport. She always brings such artistic style to everything she does and I just hung back and watched her dial it up and dial it in.   On the front of the mountain, the Peruvian Gulch had held the cold, offering smooth Groomers top to bottom, with the Anderson’s Hill – Lower Primrose Path line a real treat, that pulled me back for several laps.  Regulator was really crispy, but there was enough tooth to the nap to get an edge in, however, I was using my full shwag technique to deal with the firmness.   The temps. were warming quickly and it was not long until all aspect were softening up and becoming fully Spring like and velvety.   After  Noon, the sticky spots began to become an issue so I went looking for the High North aspects to stay clear of the variations.  Tomorrow, look for more smooth lines on the Groomers, however, I expect them to be a bit more crispy with today’s warmth on all aspects.  There is some weather forecast for later in the day, so the morning session may be the ticket for best conditions.  I still think there will be softening, but it might be a bit slower, and the Sun may become obscured as the day progresses.  The hill is in great shape wall to wall, though attention to aspect will pay big dividends.  Straight Ahead!!

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