3-16-10 by dave

What a perfect day for flying the Wings it was this Tuesday morning.  Cool temps to begin the day insured that the softened exposures from yesterday afternoon were crusty and slick.  Mineral Basin offered bright Sun with nice grooming on Powder Paradise, with very light traffic giving a feeling of a private club.  The Tram traffic was light with back to back Trams a cake walk.  I took advantage of the conditions to fly my Wings on vacant runways for the first two hours of the morning, after which I parked them back in the hanger as the slopes became more crowded.  Regulator was very firm and resisted softening well past Noon.  The North exposures offered the best options until softening occurred else where.  Tomorrow will have much the same variables as today, though, the warmer temps. made further impact down the hill.  Follow the Sun in the morning for the best of the softening runs, with the  High North aspects still cold and holding off the crustage.  The event preparations are beginning for the Freeski World Tour this week end, which may close off some of the upper shots, so be aware of that.  There is plenty of great skiing from the first Tram, so holding off for softening is not required yet, but avoid the shots that are sure to be crusty until the Sun works it.  Another warm day is forecast before another storm moves in for Thursday and Friday, so take advantage of the good visibility before the lights go out.  It sure is nice to bask in the Sun, with Spring fever just itching to take over, but Winter will return and I am looking forward to lots more of the deep and fresh.  How about You. IBBY!!!

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