3-15-10 by dave

Monday morning was beautiful with light winds and a short rush for the first few trams to get the remaining areas that had yet to be opened.  The faithful were not disappointed with Powder Paradise open providing slabby untracked on the East facing and much softer product on the North facing aspects.  Little Cloud opened shortly after 10:00 AM. with very nice boot top powder on all exposures.  It seems that the wind had spared that side of the hill.  The untracked did not last long, though the remaining crud stayed soft and supple well after every inch had been tracked out.  The continued cold temp. held the quality up for the entire morning with the Groomers being very consistent due to the cold and slightly higher density.  The smoothness factor held up well into the afternoon.  The wind had worked magic, smoothing the High North aspects with transported goodness, though the hard low amplitude bumps remained, interrupting a smooth flow line.  As the Sun gained it’s zenith the air began to warm up softening the direct exposures with that sticky consistency.  The North Facing resisted this damage, though the lower mountain was affected by the higher temps.  Look for some crustiness on the West and South facing shots in the AM., so plan on that for the morning session.  Increasing Temps. are predicted for the next couple of days which will continue the morph factor, but will also increase the wonderful spring like atmosphere.  I think tomorrow might be a good day to fly the Wings with perfect grooming, clean runways, and low attendance.  Walk on Trams were going off all day.  Be there for the goods.  Ciao!!!

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