12-04-12 by dave

The storm unleashed on the Trailer with a cacophonous din as the  rain just pounded the roof.   This morning revealed a beautiful coat of super dense graupel that covered everything.  It was just what the doctor ordered delivering smooth carve able lines.  There were some aspects that had been worked by the wind that had a bit of a crust, but other aspects were just plain awesome.  It seemed the West facing was favored, though the Middle Cirque was just as nice.   The lower 400′ of the hill was covered by a very tricky crusty layer that took all the skill you had to maintain a consistent line.  Amazing what just a few feet in elevation can bring.  The good news is, is that a lot lines got better with the combination of wind and accumulation.   There was quite a surge of traffic, but the line fell off a bit as folks go moved up the hill.  Tomorrow, look for the grooming crew to  work the new snow into the dance floor, so the corduroy will be stunning, though watch the lover elevations for some slick spots where the guns were playing.  Here is a shot of the wind swept patterns in the freshness.  See you tomorrow.   Ciao!


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