12-04-12 by dave


A super light dusting of dense precipitation covered the dance floor making the grip very nice indeed.  The Groomers were especially nice with the velvet sumptuous for the light turn out.  Visibility was variable with the overcast skies, but the continuous light snowfall accumulated subtly all day long.  As the afternoon progressed the temps rose, leaving a rainy mist on the lower third of the hill that made the runs feel like rumpled linoleum.  The smooth is holding up nicely, so forays off trail  can be counted on for a consistent line.  There is snow in the forecast, so we can expect some freshness in the AM and continued snowfall all day long.  Each little bit is helping markedly.  They are working on getting more open, and I will keep you posted on the most recent updates.  The light traffic is ideal for back to back training to get out ahead of the curve going into the deep events.  Here is another antique shot of the early years of Team Sizzle living the dream.  Many are still on hand and are still ripping it.  There has been trouble with the server, so at times the site does not load.  We are working on this little glitch and will get things up and on track soon.  In the mean time keep trying to load it as I am getting intermittent access.  That last post was put up today, but it was the post from yesterday and today is right behind it.  Ta for now.

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  1. Larry O says:

    Great specific report Guru, you rock! Cheers

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