4-23-24 by dave

The temps were warmer this morning with a peak temp of 34 Degrees, which was not enough to put a hard freeze on the pack. It was sorbet perfect right out of the Chute, with the prepared lines offering full platform engagement and as silky feel that was just a delight. I worked laps in Mineral Basin to take advantage of the Sun softening and get it before it went away. The Front of the hill was offering similar consistency, with smooth prepared lines top to bottom and a few passes that had been retilled just prior to opening. Stunning quality and was, to me, just as good as powder in perfection. Yikes.

Sully looking happy and fit with his new knee and just a day out from his procedure. So glad to see him ready to rock!!

With the warmth, the break was fast and it did not take long for the pack to get very soft, so I bailed early. Tomorrow, I think we might get some more Sun in the AM. but I expect that weather to begin moving in for the next few days with snow in the forecast. I’ll be looking for those prepared lines for the back country smooth feel and experience. It is so much fun to be able to dial in some corn goodness. See the line, BE the line!!

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