4-24-24 by dave

Though the break had begun in Mineral Basin, which was offering good corn lines early on, but there was a brisk cold breeze blowing which really slowed the break on the rest of the hill. The front of the hill was going to have to wait for softening to occur. When the front of the hill did break, the quality was sorbet perfect and the Cirque apron was deluxe followed by a great line on Anderson’s Hill. Lower Chips face was a nice transition on the bottom of the hill and kept me doing back to back laps till I ran out of gas.

The Essence morphing into other manifestations as it makes its way back into the Big Cycle, so that it may return.

Tomorrow, look for changing weather as a couple of Low Pressure systems begin to move into the front. The forecast is for some significant precipitation and snow fall on the hill. I will be checking out the sky in the AM and may just bail on the day if it is not going to SUN. The pack may break, but it will be slow. Stick with the prepared lines for the best sliding. Coverage is excellent with plenty of lines to keep you occupied, but use care. IBBY!!!

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